About WebIntegrity

What Is WebIntegrity?

WebIntegrity is a software tool that can be employed by a website owner ("Website Owner") to track a consenting website visitor's activity while the visitor is on a page of the website that has WebIntegrity installed.

If the visitor consents, WebIntegrity will track the visitor's activity while viewing the installed web page. This information may be stored on WebIntegrity's server for later session replay and analysis of the visitor's time on this website. It may also be communicated to the Website Owner either for viewing in real time as it is collected or during a subsequent replay of the user's session.

The information that WebIntegrity collects cannot be used to link the visitor's activity to them personally (i.e., personally identifiable information) and it does not collect any text information that is entered on a page on which it is installed. WebIntegrity only collects visitor data on web pages on which it is installed by the Website Owner and it does not track or collect any activity of the visitor that occurs outside of their web browser.

When the visitor closes the page on which WebIntegrity is installed, it will cease to collect information. However, if the visitor accesses another page on which WebIntegrity is installed it will resume collecting information until the visitor leaves that page.

The first time a visitor accesses a WebIntegrity-equipped website they will be asked to either “opt-in” or “opt-out” to monitoring by WebIntegrity. If the visitor selects “opt-out” or accepts the default choice they will not be monitored. The visitor will need to manually consent ("opt-in") to allow WebIntegrity to monitor their time on a webpage on which it is installed. The visitor's choice (“op-in” or “opt-out”) will be remembered for 24 hours, during which time if they revisit the website their previous choice will be honored. After 24 hours, the next time they visit the website they will be asked once again if they consent to monitoring.

A browser cookie with a date/time stamp will be used to monitor this time period. If a visitor wishes to obtain a copy of the data collected by WebIntegrity, make a correction, or have it erased, the visitor should contact WebIntegrity at [email protected] with "PERSONAL DATA QUESTION" as the subject line.

However, please be advised that since WebIntegrity does not collect personally identifiable information from the visitor it may prove to be impossible locate any data that can be associated with that visitor. Further, only 30 days of browser history are stored for each website where WebIntegrity is installed.

Information Covered By This Policy

WebIntegrity does not collect personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") from website visitors. It collects nonpersonal / anonymous information from visitors who consent and does not collect any information from visitors who do not consent. Personal Information is information that could be used directly or indirectly to personally identify a website visitor. WebIntegrity does not collect such data.

The sort of information that WebIntegrity may collect from consenting visitors includes information such as mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, and other mouse events. WebIntegrity may also collect and record certain metadata about the session, the web browser that is used, the visitor's operating system, device type (desktop/tablet/phone), screen resolution, visitor type (first time/returning), referrer, anonymized IP address, general location (city/country), anonymous usage data, general demographic information, referring/exit pages and URLs, platform types, certain website preferences the visitor might select and preferences that are generated based on the information the visitor submits. All of the foregoing is either nonpersonal when acquired or will be rendered anonymous at the time it is collected before it is transmitted or stored.

Note that this policy only applies to the data that WebIntegrity collects and does not apply to the practices of the Website Owner who installs WebIntegrity on a web page. The Website Owner will have their own privacy policy which the visitor should consult.

How Collected Information Is Used By WebIntegrity

Mouse movements, clicks, window scrolling, and other mouse events collected from a visitor are stored on the WebIntegrity server and may be used later to playback the visitor's activity on the WebIntegrity-equipped web page. This information may also be transmitted to and viewed in real time as it is collected by the Website Owner.

You will need to “opt-in” in order to allow WebIntegrity to monitor your time on this website. By default, you will need to manually consent to WebIntegrity when you access a webpage on this website on which it is installed unless you have previously opted-in to allow it to activate.

Your choice will be effective for 24 hours. After that time, on your next visit to this you will be asked again.

In general, the nonpersonal session information acquired by WebIntegrity will be used to help improve the visitor's interaction with the website on which it is installed.

Nonpersonal information may also be aggregated by WebIntegrity in order to assist the Website Owner in tracking trends and analyzing use patterns of use on the website. Nothing in this document should be construed to limit WebIntegrity's use of nonpersonal information and WebIntegrity reserves the right to use and disclose such aggregated nonpersonal information to third parties.

Who We Share Your Information With

The information collected by WebIntegrity and stored on its secure servers is only available to the Website Owner who may choose to replay visitor sessions at a later time or view the visitor's interaction with the website as it occurs in real time.

Aggregated nonpersonal information may be made available to the Website Owner or third parties without restriction.

Additional Information

The WebIntegrity software system was developed and is licensed by WebIntegrity, LLC, an Oklahoma limited liability company.

For information about Webintegrity, LLC's privacy policy, its GDPR policy, or its CCPA policy, visit our Privacy Policy.

For information about WebIntegrity's use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy.

Note that these polices are those of WebIntegrity, LLC and may not reflect the privacy practices of the Website Owner.

Questions Or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding WebIntegrity's data collection policies, please send us a detailed message to [email protected] with the subject line "DATA USE QUESTION". We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.

Updated: December 29, 2022