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Seeing is believing.

We get it. It sounds too good to be true, right?

Brace yourself.

Click below for a Live Demo. It will log you into the WebIntegrity system, seeing precisely what you would see as a WebIntegrity customer… and showing you all the current users on THIS website. Right now.

See if you can find your session! See what you would see as the website administrator!

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Realtime Everything.

At WebIntegrity, we are redefining what a webserver does.

For us, a website is a business. It's no longer just an online brochure or catalog that you put up for your customers.

There's a reason brick-and-mortar businesses have sales clerks who interact with customers and assist them in the store.

We help to make your website more like a REAL business and less like a product brochure, allowing you to position your products and services for better visibility within your site.

This is "Merchandising 101" for the web, and the first step is understanding how your customers navigate through your store.

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Always Up

We don't rely on third-party companies to keep our services up and running. Our state-of-the-art servers are fully in-house and ready to work - ALL the time.

Meaningful Reports

Generate reports from your website visitors and the actions they have taken.

Absurdly Simple Setup

Add one line of JavaScript to each webpage. That's it.

Real Time

No delay. No caching. Watch each and every one of your visitors browse and take action in real time.

Geo Map Positions

View live map positioning of your website visitors in real time.

Your Data Is Yours

We don't sell your data. We don't share your data. Period.