It's not!

First, subscribe to one of our plans.

Here's the funny part: It really doesn't matter which plan you sign up for. Just sign up for one.

If you overrun your number of monthly visitors for any month, there are no huge overage fees... and we promise we'll never cut you off - we'll email you a notification and automatically bump you up to the next level.

Better still, if you fall BELOW the maximum monthly visitors for a lower pricing tier, we'll automatically reduce your charge the following month and drop you to that lower tier. We know, right? Who even does that? (Hint: a company with integrity)

So choose one of the following, create your account for your website, and know that we've got your back!

When you thrive, we thrive!

Second: insert this tiny snippet of code into the <head> section of each of your website pages:

<script type="module" src=""></script>

Yes, it really IS that simple. It works with all standard HTML pages, with Drupal, with Wordpress... with pretty much any web content anywhere.

And finally..

Simply login to your account and begin monitoring your website traffic!

Watch how your website visitors use your site, and use what you learn to hone your website for MASSIVE improvements in sales.

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